Xtreme Football Association (XFA)
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A Member Association of the UFFA.


Season 1

Number of Clubs


Club Cap

100 (77% Capacity)

Levels of Play


Youth Competitions

U21, U19, U17

Max AI%


FA Cup Holder

Mumbai Town XI

The Xtreme Football Association is a member association of the UFFA. It currently oversees 15 different competitions in the Miller Gameworld contested between 77 member clubs.

League Competitions Edit

There are currently three levels of senior play in the XFA:

  1. XFA Premier League (Top Flight)
  2. XFA Championship
  3. XFA Division 1 (A, B, and C sections)

In addition to senior league competitions, the XFA also offers youth leagues at the U21, U19, and U17 age levels.

Knockout and Other Competitions Edit

At this time the XFA offers knockout competitions for all 77 member clubs at some level. All are welcome to enter the XFA Cup, a random draw one-off (with added time and penalties) knockout competition featuring every club in the association.

Those in the Premier League are also invited to enter the XFA Premier Cup, contested only between the 20 member clubs participating in the top flight of XFA Football. Those clubs in the Championship and Division 1 levels are invited to enter the XFA Non-Premiership Cup.

Knockout Competition is also sponsored at the youth level, with the XFA Youth Cup (u21), XFA U19 Cup, and XFA U17 Cup. Unlike the XFA Cup, the remaining competitions are all two-legged home and home away goals competitions, though extra time and penalties are used if needed.

Charity Shield Edit

The final of the XFA's 15 competitions is the XFA Charity Shield. This is a friendly competition played between the winners of the XFA's Premier League, Premier Cup, Cup, and Non-Premiership Cup competitions.

Sponsorship Edit

The XFA has no sponsorship at this time, though it has worked out a deal worth 43 million pounds to have its matches broadcast on the TV Lounge Network.

Club Cap Edit

While the association currently supports competitions between 77 member clubs, bylaws allow for a maximum of 100 clubs within the structured league promotion/relegation system. Any clubs interested in becoming members of the association should contact the XFA Organizing Committee for more information and potential application.