William Hall


William Hall








Chelsea Australia F.C.

Football Association

Overnight Football Association


Overnight Premiership

William Hall is Manager of Chelsea Australia F.C. of the Overnight Premiership. He was born in Brisbane in August of 1996.

Footballing Career Edit

He is now Manager of Chelsea Australia F.C. and is Public Relations Officer and Football Association Organiser of the Overnight Football Association. His contract is due to expire at the end of the current season but Chelsea F.C. chairman Roman Abramovich and Academy and External Operations Officer Frank Arnesen is confident that William will renew his contract with the club.

Future Speculation Edit

Rumours are circulating through both the English and Australian press that if Carlo Ancelotti starts his Chelsea F.C. career badly that William will be appointed as Chelsea F.C.'s Manager. Neither Roman Abramovich, Frank Arnesen nor William Hall have confirmed nor denied the rumour.

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