Wigan Athletic
Wigan Athletic Whalers
"The Whalers"


Season 1

Current FA


Current League

XFA Premier League


11th (Season 7)


Michael DiAmore


ChivaStadion @ Latics Park




Hartford, CT

Wigan Athletic FC are an association football club currently playing in the Miller gameworld of Football Manager Live. Since their establishment, they have been led by manager Michael DiAmore who in season 7 guided the club to the top flight of the Xtreme Football Association, the XFA Premier League. After a poor start to the season, Wigan climbed the rankings to a final position of 11th, only 3 points out of the UFFA qualification places and only 1 goal out of the top top 10 after a 109-point tie with 10th place Bukgarian Team.


Brief NFA StintEdit

The club started its life as a member of the Nighttime Football Association, finishing in 12th place in Qualifying League #3 in Season 1. Much like the team's stay in the NFA Cup (having been knocked out in the first round), the team's time within the NFA overall was short-lived.

Move to the XFA: More ChallengeEdit

The allure of the double-length XFA pulled in manager Michael DiAmore, eager to challenge his squad and get more time on the pitch for scouting and analysis. Starting off in Division 1B, the team earned a respectable 9th place finish, and followed it up the next season by coming home in 8th. Due to AI violations above them in the table, this finish earned Wigan a spot in the XFA Championship, the first promotion of any kind for the club. The 8th place finish (and subsequent season) however showed that the club wasn't quite ready for this step up, and upon finishing 18th they were sent back down to League 1, this time in Division 1A for season 5.

Added Stars, Meteoric RiseEdit

Key additions such as star midfielder Marco Donadel late in season 4 set the stage for a fantastic season for Wigan Athletic. The club stormed through opponents in Division 1A, winning the title and advancing to the Championship for the second time in 3 seasons. More additions saw the club surge to a 2nd place finish in the championship. In just 2 seasons, manager DiAmore had guided the club from Division 1 to the XFA Premier League.

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