Tom Delgado




Red Devils USA

Football Association

Casual Weekday Association Organizer

Best Finish OFA


Best Finish Overall

2nd Good Morning Premiership Season 1

Official Honours

1st OFA Youth Cup Season 6

Highest GW Ranking


Tom Delgado is the manager of Red Devils USA Delgado has become a gameworld legend for his rants after hard losses, which unfortunately happen often. What people seem to misunderstand about Tom is that he is very passionate about the game, and wants to be a success in spite of it. He strives for perfection, and expects nothing less from his players. He is a tough disciplinarian, known to suspend players for at least 10 matches for own goals, but he has backed off that stance lately.

Season 1 Edit

Red Devils USA started the gameworld very strong in the Morning Football Association, finishing 2nd to Granning UK in the Good Morning Premiership. Their leading player was Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

Season 2 Edit

What started out as a potential championship season for the American Devils went sour very quickly after a long losing streak, finishing 14th. Giggs started his slow decline, struggling to keep the team competitive.

Season 3 Edit

More of the same. The American Devils could not cope with the improved competition and once again slumped to a 14th place finish.

Season 4 Edit

The Morning FA was transitioned along with the Moonlight Football Association to create the Overnight Football Association. Unfortunately, things did not change for Tom Delgado's Devils. A very disappointing 23rd place finish in the first ever Overnight Premiership had the club in dire straghts, with fans urging their manager to be aggressive in the transfer market.

Season 5 Edit

Aggressive,, no. Red Devils USA as aggressive in the transfer market, luring Brazilian striker Alan to the club. Unfortunately, that did little if anything to change the fortunes of the club, as they slumped to another disappointing 15th place finish. A finish which saw them originally relegated, but saved due to the lack of teams in the OFA.

Season 6 Edit

Another battle against relegation, another failed attempt to inject some energy into the club. Delgado's Devils limped to a 21st place finish, which would doom them to relegation for the second straight season. Once again, they were saved due to low numbers. There was one bright spot for the club though, as the Red Devils USA Under-21's, also known as The Devil's Rejects, won the OFA Youth Cup, beating BB City 2-1 on aggregate. Ruel Lawrence and Les Costa were the heroes of the tie. Lawrence was released at the start of season 7, while Costa is now enjoying a fresh run in the first team due to new signing Michael Parkhurst's recent struggles.

Season 7 Edit

Things are definitely looking up for the American Devils. They are currently 17th in the Overnight Premiership, having made a very solid account of themselves in most of their matches. A +3 goal difference and a potentially explosive offense with the additions of veterans Peguy Luyindula and Scott Parker have fans hoping for a second half charge up the table. They are also in the finals of the Morning FA Memorial Cup after rallying from behind against Granning UK in the semifinals, but lost to The Leeds Knights in heartbreaking fashion (6-5 on aggregate on a last second Federico Fazio corner goal). This loss apparently made Tom snap, as he is now being labelled a "sore loser", which he wears proudly on his sleeve. The club finished 16th, and after the season, Delgado announced his intention to leave OFA and join the Casual Weekday Association.

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