Overnight Football Association


Ovenight Football Association


00:00 to 10:00 BST

1st Tier Senior League

Overnight Premiership

Football Association Cup

Overnight Cup

1st Tier Youth League

Overnight Youth Premiership

Youth Football Association Cup

OFA Youth Cup

Organisers: The OFA Rookie, Kevin Barnes, Simon Witt, Matt Winspeare , Andrew Potter, William Hall and Tom Delgado

The Overnight Football Association was created to replace the Moonlight Football Association and the Morning Football Association due to insufficient membership. There are currently 29 members in the OFA, 27 of them playing in the Overnight Premiership. The OFA was granted 14 million pounds in media money, a rise of approximately 2 million pounds from last season.

Its highest ranked member is currently The Leeds Knights, managed by The OFA Rookie.

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