Calcium Santos 1.1b are an established side based in Istanbul, Turkey. They are managed by cooperative Turkish manager Volkan Özkan and presently compete in the XFA Premier League, part of the Xtreme Football Association.

As one of the founding clubs in the Gameworld Calcium Santos 1.1b have a rich heritage behind them, and although success has proven hard to come by they have at least lifted one football association trophy in this time.

A number of quality players have represented the club over their history but it is generally agreed that current fan favourite Niko Kranjcar is the greatest player to have ever pulled on the shirt.

The side have been branded in recent times as a side with an extremely physical approach to the game. They battle hard and muscle the opposition off the ball and whilst this tactic isn't always the most beautiful to watch it ensures the side are not an opponent to be taken lightly.

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