Bernard Tapie, the only french chairman to have win the Champion's League in the whole history of football (with Marseille in 1993), is back in Football, with the opening of the Miller beta. He built a nice team (OM Corleone), who led him, in final of both Silver Cup, and Gold Cup. OM Corleone is also one of the thrée team who is in Premier League of XFA, since the begining of the GW.

But honestly, he's currently more known, for his french patriotism. He always defend the French Cause, and is maybe the guy the most ignored on the GW because of that. Some people detest him, but some other love him... He loves baguettes, blonde girls, joking about the american food, and Tom Delgado's skills.

Actually, he's not a bad guy : just an old successfull guy, who's getting more older each seasons... And like all frenchies off course, he's better than everybody. As he says "he makes it better than you"... That sentence is a good sum-up, of what is Bernard Tapie in Miller.

He detests English, and wants to forbide it on the Lobby, when he'll become a mod. He also wants to make French, the official language in FML. An idea that currently doesn't meet a true succes... But he's fighting, and made a "French Revolution" there's some seasons.